Nit-Picks and Typos

Maybe change it to “He’s way too happy with that”.


@KnightDay I agree. Need to change 45 to 15. Or should say “a set of three 15 second MAP elevators” or “A set with a total of 45 seconds of MAP elevators.” As currently written it’s not accurate. :+1:


This is an unfortunate artefact and we have a fix coming down the pipe to address this and other similar issues where changes to workouts are reflected in plans. Once implemented, it will change all newly applied plans (but not ones already in use). The ~35min workout will do the trick in this instance, but if you’re feeling daisy fresh and motivated/disciplined then go for more. Sorry for the confusion

@KnightDay - I’ve handed the Recharger ‘90-95 RPM?’ error over to Francois as speech bubbles are (90% of the time) baked into the video (the 90 RPM in the data fields are correct). If you average 92.5 RPM there will be worldwide peace and harmony - no pressure though. I’ve cleaned up the MAP Elevators passage to “…with a set of three 15 second MAP Elevators.” My style guides always had us spelling the numbers one to ten and using digits for anything higher, but if this doesn’t look or feel right let me know cc @IsiSchneider_KoS

@Sir_RobW - Getting Positive MTP: thanks for this. Changes to errors/typos in MTP take a bit of time because they aren’t available to the same editing tools I use to fix (most) typos in cycling workouts. I’ve logged this to be fixed and my guess is sometime in the new year - Grunter is laser(goat) focussed on a thing right now and I wouldn’t dream of putting anything in his way :wink: . I’ve taken your and @Sir_Brian_M feedback and made the change to Violator. It’ll be there the next time you report to Flogging Station #64


Apologies if this has been picked up elsewhere. My suggested workouts appear to have their durations extended by an arbitrary multiple of 16.7ish (Version 6.18.0 MacOs)

I know my weakness is sustained, maybe this is the solution? :thinking:

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Adam Luck had a similar - maybe the same issue that was posted back on early September. Not sure how that was resolved but you probably want to contact the minions.

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Thanks Jon. I didn’t scroll back far enough. Clearly it hasn’t been solved yet. Interestingly it’s only a problem on the Desktop App. It’s fine on iOS :man_shrugging:

INT strength 6B introduces the second set of single leg bridge with rotation as a new variation. But we just did a set on each leg already.

Micro intervals 12… 10… 8… description says complimenting but I’m pretty sure you mean complementing

Noticed this too with Goat on my iPhone - the pop-up run off screen now.

Can we talk about the strength videos too?

Side lunges - when the video cuts from the front angle to the side and then back again - the timing is off - the transition is too fast. So when I’m trying to stay in sync with the athletes (who are they?) I get behind when the view changes from front to side, and again from side to front.

Hi, Team.

I did the NoVid for “Tempo Increasing - 30, 20, 10, 5” and noticed that the 30 minute interval was at 80% in the Windows App, but the Training Plan’s description said it was supposed to be at 90% of FTP. I was chewing stem for the others, so I didn’t compare them.

Which is the correct one, or are both “correct” but for different purposes? I did my best without changing the NoVid’s settings, but I’d give myself a B if I were to grade my effort.

Have you suffered today? FYIs:

  1. I’ve got the GG200 plan and today calls for Tempo 4x8. The NoVid version of that has 4 intervals of 8 minutes, 12 mins of recovery, then some time at Endurance pace to round out the 2hr30min. The plan description has it as 4 intervals of 15 mins each with 15 min recoveries.

  2. Coming up in the same plan, I’ve got Power Station with a coaches note saying to do after The Cure but The Cure does not appear on that day in the Calendar.


This just popped up in my calendar (part of the FTP Building Blocks trianing plan if it helps):

Something happen to The Bat?!?


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I saw that too - seems like some fields were moved around somehow.

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I was just looking for a new training plan and I noticed this, too.

edit: And I just noticed it in multiple training plans.

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I also found an inelegant solution to the “upper body like / legs like” section, but had to include a bit of punctuation (a period) in order to get our content management system to have the text low enough

@gpsjared See if you can use a different whitespace character instead, there’s a bunch you can copy from

Most systems won’t detect such whitespace characters as a space and will leave it, allowing you to push the text down without having something visible on the screen.

Hi, Team.

This text in Recharger should say it builds up to 115 RPM :wink:

I don’t usually mind the typos, but there are 2 things that bug me enough to mention:

  1. In the description for Kitchen Sink, it mentions all of the videos that are a part of the mash-up. It says that Mike Cotty takes us up the Col d’Iseran from To Get To The Other Side… but I think that that interval is actually from The Way Out (there is a similar-looking interval in TGTTOS though - but it says it’s Passo Manghen in the video).

  2. I’m not totally sure about this, but… I did The Trick the other day, and while the 4 x 1min intervals sucked, I’m pretty sure that there’s no way that the IF can be 0.96, as it says in the description. Much of the video is spent at or below 50% FTP, in recovery.

Would 0.86 be a more appropriate number? (My activity says I did 0.82, and I was pretty close to target power for the entire video.)

That’ll do for me for now. :slight_smile:

Ahh I just made a post about this in Training. I was wondering what it meant (I am due for it tomorrow). I am sure it should have a reduction in % but it’s not displayed so it’s a bit confusing. :slight_smile:

Ha, you have no idea how many times I shouted that at Sir David during the beta testing!