Official Thread: Norway is Live -- what do you think?

That was FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Loved it, I didn’t mind that my power was all over the place (dumb trainer/power meter)… not always knowing how the power would jump around made it interesting, I was just laser focused on the power targets. And while it was a bit tough to consistently hit the targets because they changed so quickly, it was definitely fun! My cadence was also ~10rpm higher than normal - avg. 94. I also didn’t mind that there wasn’t music/effects for the racing.

Can’t wait to see what the team comes up with next!


Having had a bit of time to reflect on my immediate impressions expressed in the Stage 5 official thread, the session is growing on me.

I definitely see a pairing of Team Scream (initial breakaway sim) and Norway (the finale) in the future, better capturing what @Francois-Wahoo mentions further up in the thread.

Also, I will try it again with fresh numbers after my next FF, due in the wake of ToS, perhaps combined with another session up front. Believe that will be a different experience.

I think the clue to liking this session is seeing it for what it is; an immersive race simulation, not a structured workout.


Not quite as painful as team scream but I liked the no music, immersive racing aspect. More like this I think!!


Disappointing to be honest. Way too easy apart from the last 30 seconds. I find it hard to believe that the DS in the car could motivate anybody with his annoying dull voice. Sufferfest for me is all about the clever selection of superb music that matches the quality video footage and also the continual banter that keeps you motivated. I was focused more on hitting all the targets and think the footage in other SUF videos is much better. I think this will have a shelf life compared to other videos like Nine Hammers that is never dull and always enjoyable (sort of) It was good to try something different so 10/10 for trying something new but it just wasn’t my thing.


I thought without music it was not going to be great, but I was pleasantly surprised how immersive it got.
Cadence was higher than normal, and it wasn’t as hard as some rides, I did enjoy it.

The most positive thing I noticed was the sound of the wheels turning, that constant hum, it brought back memories of having group rides with friends.

It brought a tear to my eye that we’ve long missed those opportunities and experiences with our riding and racing friends due to covid. Based on that, I will return to Norway when I want to feel in a group ride again.


I’ve been thinking more about this.

During yesterday’s stage, I focused on ERG vs. Level and power vs. RPM. I’ve come to the conclusion that I didn’t accidentally pop into Level mode. I just so got into the video that I set those personal RPM records at the commanded power levels because I was giving it all I had for Glory, Honor, and Victory.

Without even realizing it, I became so immersed in the world of Norway that I clobbered myself and logged one of my best workouts ever (right up there with my first Joyride and ISLAGIATT). So, hey, Francois and the team: very well done!


I didn’t love it. I did like Cobbler, I do love Joyride, 9 hammers, defender…

I think it’s because I’m on a dumb trainer, on my normal road bike, going off Garmin sensors to a NPE Cable, to my iPhone, to my TV…

The changes are too much, and I would miss some, and I’d just get settled into where I’m supposed to be, and it’s time to change again, and that means shifting gears.

I just think it’s too many speed/gearing changes for those of us on dumb trainers, and having Dylan as your guy in the car is great in Joyride, while this guy… not as much fun, I guess is the best word I’d use for it.

I loved Norway! More please! The frequent changes were a nice change of pace. Norway and ending on Attacker were my favorite parts of this TOS. Thanks!


Loved it. Let’s have more like that please

I really enjoyed “my time in Norway!” Was it my most favorite SUF video ever? No - and that’s totally fine, because not every video will be my favorite (would completely break the idea of what favorite means).

I cannot imagine how much effort went into creating this workout (all of the workouts take so much effort), but this one in particular, with the matching of a pro rider to my own personal 4DP profile - so cool! You got to really see what the power changes are like in a real pro bike race. It took the fun of watching a road race and amplifying it by being able to workout alongside it.

This type of workout experience opens the doors for so many other similar race or epic climb or location immersive workout experiences - I can only imagine what the brain trust at SUF is cooking up based on this style of workout.

I adore the traditional SUF workouts that just completely destroy you but it is nice to have options across the board. I look forward to doing Norway again and seeing similar content from SUF! But definitely keep the insane videos coming too :wink:


I’m one of those who are sitting on the fence with this one. I really enjoyed the immersion and feeling of being in a race, but just felt it should have taken more work on my part. At no point did it stress my legs or mind, and I think that it really should to make the most of this workout.

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My twopence worth - I liked the workout, it was pretty engaging and you had to keep a good eye on the changes in pace so the actual workout kept me engaged but the DS with the mirrors and such, that spoiled it for me as it cut into my concentration. Bit like the chap on Joyride . . . . . Also, I had immense problems with the video cutting out and buffering but I think that’s one for the minions.

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I donot like this kind of workout, even the footage ist nice. It is to close to doing a Zwift groupride with sweeping.

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I could see that this would be very tough without ERG mode. Doing this video in ERG mode, I felt that the power profile really does capture the variability of a group-start road race pretty much exactly the way I experience it. For example, that powerful surge at the bottom of the climb, followed by a painful VO2 hammer until the top felt exactly like many similar RL race situations I’ve been in.

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I’m a bit biased, because this video footage travels down some of the roads I cycled regularly as a youth in nearby Åmot, just south of Hønefoss.

But beyond that, this video is a nice change of pace, and adds to the variety of options available in Suf. As a race simulation, it really nails the experience and feeling. It has a fair amount of time just patrolling in the wheels, but then frequent surges well above FTP, and features a couple of moments of real challenge and pain. It would make a great substitute for The Shovel on a day when your TSB form had somehow ended up down below -10.

Normally, I love the Suf music sound tracks for their power to motivate through the pain, and often, the way they embody the wry humor that is usually a part the Suf experience. But this was cool, too. I could see the camera rocking and hear the subtle variation in sounds caused by the pedal strokes, and so I semi-consciously timed my own pedal strokes to match, which added to the realism of the race simulation.

So, I’ll definitely be returning to the Randsfjorden area via this video. Thanks for all your hard work on it.


I felt it was a nice change, and really shows the difference between IRL racing and virtual racing. It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve done IRL racing, and Zwift racing is just ON from the gun. Norway really shows how it’s going to ebb and flow, how you’ll recover a bit, etc.

It’s not going to be my go-to workout, but it’ll be nice to throw in as a change of pace.

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I just finished my first ride of Norway and loved it! Super immersive footage and sound (I didnt mind the lack of music at all and I usually seek out rides with music). Id love to see more workouts like this, a women’s race perhaps. Nice job everyone who put this together!

(On a side - It was interesting to do a workout with no RPM settings. I found myself choosing an RPM that was well above what I would have chosen even a year ago)


I loved it! I’m not competitively active any longer, but this felt real - totally immersed in the rhythm and intensity of the race. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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