Play list - Who Dares

The final song of ‘Who Dares’ is a great song to listen while recuperating from quite some suffering. When shazaming it, the song is however not recognized. Does anyone know the song title and artist?

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Hey Johan,
I think the song you are after is: Plug It In by Alumo
And I thought you may enjoy this too :wink:


Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Like the Song list as well! thx!


Some of these are very hard to find. Was looking for Code Red from A Long Scream, but a Google search turned up nothing. :frowning:

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Idd, the Plug it in song by Alumo seems also very hard to find. Not on spotify, not via google, not recognized by Shazam,… Is there any other way to share the song?

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Not sure this is what you want, but:

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@emacdoug: Code Red

@johan.morel2: Plug it in


I feels like a real quest :slight_smile:

but we are not quite there yet. I recorded part of the work-out so you can hear what song I’m actually talking about and it is definitely not the Alumo song.

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