Power Sensing Pedals?! Mind, Blown

Indubitably. I’m not at the level yet where I would need power sensing pedals. But they are going to do research on. I do like the metrics in the telemetry.

Power meter pedals are the way to go in my opinion. Takes minutes to change between my bikes (TT, 2 road bikes, CX, and a BMX.
Takes a bit of a learning curve to figure out the data and what each of the metrics means but once you have a rudimentary knowledge of them the sky’s the limit on how to apply the data especially for me in a 40K TT. Put the power on my FTP number (For me it’s the 4DP -2% or 20-minute number -7%) and let the big dog eat.

How do you measure power (with the Sufferfest) now?

IMO using a smart trainer is akin to using power meter pedals for training. If you are using the Sufferfest for training and to improve yourself, then pedals can be a part of that when you ride outside.

What makes you think you need to be at a certain “level” to use these types of pedals?

They are a training aid. How you use the data is up to you.

I use chewing up the tires of my enemies as a measurement of power :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have a Kickr. I only have one bike, road. So if I got pedals there would be no switching between bikes.

The “level” I speak of is more in jest and the level of convincing my wife that I “need” them. I really do think I will be getting a pair at some point. I don’t ride outside enough to justify them yet. I have a one year old that keeps me tied to the house when I am not at work. I hear that it is frowned upon to leave him home alone while I chew up the asphalt for several hours… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯