Racing in Middle of Plan

Background: I am planning multiple triathlons this summer (hopefully they actually happen). They are a sprint distance, three weeks later another sprint, three weeks later an Olympic, and approximately 9 weeks later a half Ironman. The middle sprint and half Ironman are the two races I care about. The other two are more practice.

My question is this…has there been any guidance/recommendations provided about how to adjust a plan for a race in the middle of a plan? I looked around on the forums but could not find anything. Should I just substitute the races for planned workouts?

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Following. Great question. I am in the same boat. New to SUF but when I was comparing platforms I saw that [one of the other platforms] automatically adjusted the plan for intermediate races. I don’t see that feature in theSUF. 80/20 Triathlon book discusses the subject and suggests just sliding in a one week taper before the middle event.

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A thought that struck my mind when reading your racing schedule was that if you finish a plan prior to the first race, it could fit very well with 3 week special focus Building blocks in between, using the rest week of each block as taper. Then, for the nine week between races, a plan with e.g. 6 weeks duration and 3 weeks special focus going into the race.

But that is just some immediate thoughts from a non-expert, hope you get some expert advice from any of the coaches :+1:

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I would look at the overall race plan for the year, then select a start time for your training plans so the last recovery week falls just before the races you want to do well in.

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Aren’t the building block plans cycling only? I’ve been training long enough that I could fill in runs and swims, but I would prefer to not have to.

That is of course a very good point Brian. Not used to take account for two more disciplines in addition to cycling. Having a struggle just making time for cycling myself. Ok, Sorry about that then. Still, hope you get a proper answer from a coach :relaxed:

No problem, it was a good suggestion. Right now I’m following a plan I had purchased on TrainingPeaks and doing SUF strength and some yoga. I’d prefer to have all my training in one place though.

For in-season races during a plan (non-Mt Sufferlandria events so “B” or “C” races), I change the weekend outside rides to race day and the indoor workout to Sat or Sun. I usually do the indoor workout on the plan and adjust the targets down if feeling fatigued.