Recovery Training Plan

Would it be possible to bring back the post-tour 2 week plans as a recovery plan to use after a big event or block of training?



We are working on something along these lines, and I’ll work on sneaking in that specific recovery plan. Keep your eyes out for the next couple weeks, I’ll drop that one in particular into the “Building Blocks” plan category.


Thank you!

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Any chance you guys are working on “building blocks” plans for triathlon?


It would be great to have a recovery plan. I finished a 3 week TdF challenge that I sort of did on a whim with a friend, and when I finished it I wasn’t quite sure what to do but rest. Now I’m wondering what kind of plan to follow that builds on my new found form.

Is there an article in the SUF archives from one of the coaches that addresses: ‘You’ve completed a tough challenge, now what? Tips on on how to recover and take advantage of your new found form’. Or something like that.

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Rolling my own this week (did a 12 hour solo MTB race this past weekend)

Today (M) - Stretching after Suffering
Tuesday - Breathing to Calm Down, Recover Strength A, Super Easy Stretch Routine I
Wednesday / Mobilise the Joints, Recovery Spin
Thursday - Super Easy Stretch Routine II, Recovery Booster
Friday - More Breathing to Calm Down, Recovery Strength B, Open 30 @ 72%, Loosen Your Lower Back
Saturday - Breathing more deeply, Trails - 1 hour @ embarrassingly slow pace, Shake off the day
Sunday - Breathing to Crush Them, 1 hour outside at whatever intensity feels good (trails or road), Taking the Soreness out of Suffering

Not sure what I want to do after.

Options -

  1. do a 3 week building block base plan then another 3 building block, maybe plan out for a knighthood attempt in November or December
  2. Jump right into pre-season XC
  3. Jump right into general road
  4. Jump right into pre-season cyclocross to change things up a bit