Rest or recovery ride after a hard day?

Hi all, I’ve got a mid plan half Monty coming up next week. I pushed it hard the last two weeks, and my long 170km ride today (Saturday) was harder than I expected. Ended up riding at tempo.

I’ve been training to do back to back long hard days, but the 2 hour hard intervals on Thursday are taking their toll, and I’m trying to work out what the best approach is for both the immediate goal of SUFFERING LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW next Thursday… And the long term goal of being able to double down and do a hard ride the second day.

My question is… Am I better off doing 3 hours of the new recovery rides around 65% ftp tomorrow OR do I just pull my head in, do some stretches and actually take it easy until primers (Wednesday) followed by half Monty on Thursday?

Thanks all!

It’s up to you. It also depends on your general fitness and how quickly you can recover. Thursday is still a long way off yet. Another hard-ish day Saturday would still leave Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before primers which, for me, is adequate recovery from most rides.

Nah it’s Saturday night here and I’m planning for Sunday morning. So it’s two days recovery and then primers the third day. Just feeling particularly wrecked after this week… So trying to work out if there’s an actual benefit to doing recovery ride tomo, neutral - or will it compromise?

Day off, then recovery 30mins or so, then primers I’d say.

Yeah I’m reluctantly coming around to that idea :joy:.

But but but Must suffer more… :sob:

I think if I wasn’t doing the ramp test on Thursday I’d go tomo, but based on last week I think I need to back off a bit.