Rest Week Suggestions

Hey gang!

I just finished the relatively long Fitness Kickstarter plan with acceptable results shown on the Full Frontal I suffered through on Saturday. I’m planning to do the Speed Demon plan to address my weaknesses starting next Monday, but am itching to keep myself moving during the rest week.

I did an hour’s recovery spin on Sunday (keeping the effort embarrassingly easy), rested completely for Labor Day, and have scheduled myself daily yoga and some light strength work throughout the recovery week and during the training plan. Any suggestions for on-bike work this week? Elements of Style and more basic recovery spins? Something else? Off the bike entirely?

Thanks in advance!


I kinda focus on cadence work. The plans have power station at reduced levels. That seems to work well, but I like to add some high cadence stuff too. I think maybe I’ve seen cadence builds or cadence builds & holds at a reduced power level. I don’t remember exactly. The other thing I practice us diaphragmatic breathing eg. a simple 3 x 10 at tempo concentrating on slow deep breaths & relaxing as much as possible. Don’t know if that works but diaphragmatic breathing on a mat and in an aero position feel different.

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One single comment on this - the biggest problem people have on rest weeks is not actually resting.
I believe if you pretty much do as you’re talking about for a week you’ll probably achieve more than most people by getting the right rest !!

Seriously applaud that discipline …

Next week: Smash.


This has, absolutely and without any doubt, been the biggest single adaptation for me to have to take on board with Sufferfest.

I would always argue that I have a high tolerance for active work before exhaustion, but I naturally have no off switch or capacity to step back and let my body recover.
If I plan for myself then there is barely such a thing as a rest half-day, let alone day and you can completely forget about a week.
Allowing SUF to determine my schedule and forcing myself to stick to it has definitely improved my capacity to take a rest once in a while.


Yes @Jon well said indeed.

What maybe sometimes we miss is the science behind it, so what actually happens during 2 weeks of hard work … what happens during rest, why it’s ok to do back to back one week when the muscles want to recover and so on and so forth.

That’s where there’s been some great Training threads in recent weeks by the coaches. And maybe we can start brining some of that together in to a wiki or such mike one day.

Wiki … hmmmmm