Rest Week Suggestions

Haha, I have no doubt! Still, increased FTP and MAP are not the goals themselves, just means to accomplishing cycling a certain distance at a certain speed (20.84 km below 27 mins that is).

This far today I have been able to resist a visit to my suffer cave. I have even had ice cream. But my body is restless, wonder if I am able to sleep tonight.

I too struggle with the rest weeks. I read this thread and realised that I just must resist hard workouts and trust the plan. I know it makes sense.

Then in an idle moment I was looking at what SUF video workouts I have never done. Only Kitchen Sink, Half is Easy and The Wretched. I was curious about these three so read the details. The Wretched sounded far too glorious and I could not resist any longer so did it before breakfast. Now I feel wretched and unworthy because I didn’t make it through without stopping. Though I did set a new 20min Badass record in the process.
Can anyone lend me the bus fare please? I need to get back to Sufferlandria.