Rush of crushing a workout!

And the Wretched has chewed me up many many times :slight_smile:

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My favorite is crushing a workout and then really feeling it when I go upstairs to change out of bike kit. My legs telling me good job through their whining :wink:


The only time I enjoy feeling pain!


Yeah and yesterday I had both the legs smashed and the sleeeepy feeling in the evening :slight_smile:

Can still feel it in my legs today!

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What I like even better is when you feel like absolute crap getting on the bike, but you just get moving, and somehow you find the legs/will/courage/whatever to surprise yourself.

I don’t care how bad I feel, the TT at the end of HHNF brings it out of me every time.


I finished Team Scream a couple weeks ago for the first time since I had my year off the bike. I was so, so, so so pumped – in the last five minutes I was actually yelling at the other rides that we could do this! drill it to the line, guys! C’mon! When it was over, I had a huge sense of pride that I got it done. It takes some work to generate that, that’s for sure, but when it comes it’s really satisfying.


The Scream does leave you on a big high. I always want to go buy a TT bike when I crush that one :rofl:


I did the long scream a few days ago and although I didn’t finish without lowering the intensity to 90% for the last 10mins I was happy I managed to stick with my numbers until then and definitely feel like I crushed (or got crushed by) it!
Now to work on that negative split


I’d consider that crushing LS. One of those workouts that is bordering on impossible at 100% on genuine numbers!


Omnium, goat, do as you’re told… that’s been my last 3 days. The omnium took all the feeling from my legs more than once, goat - think I finally cracked one as my legs were toast after - and then do as you’re told… I did and the suffering was glorious.

I love the good pain that sessions produce, but that sense of achievement after is a rush!! It’s great taking that confidence of knowing just how hard you can push your body out on the road as well and your mind plays along as well. Hitting the bottom of your nemisis climb and knowing it won’t win today!!

Suf sessions may not take you anywhere physically but they sure are moving!!


100% agree! Learn to suffer indoors so you can crush it outdoors!!

I think that’s what make Knighthood so special, the mental boost you get from completing it is huge!


And the boost from looking down and seeing the sticker (yeah I said sticker!!)… it’s like a getting a few extra watts for free!!


Some days I’m deep in a workout and I get this inane grin and grind it out. SUF has made me know my dark / happy place and allowed me to go deeper than I thought possible.

Other days it whoops my behind…


It’s a great feeling when you manage to just power through a really tough/painful effort, Suf definitely teaches you new limits to what you thought you could endure.


I like this thread!

Today, I went to that place we can’t talk about. You know which one I’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue:.

As I finished the second Interval, doubt crept in; my legs felt fatigued and my mind started coming up with reasons to call it off. That’s when the MTP came to the rescue!

“This is meant to be brutal, but that’s why it delivers results. Do your best,” was followed by “I won’t dial it down. I’ll go all in and finish block #3,” and “Come on, you said you’d finish number 3, keep fighting back! Crush one more attack!” and so forth.

Soon, yet an eternity later, I was starting #4 and the message was based on confidence, not hope. “One more to go. Just one merciless, glorious round left," with others like “I will crush it,” and “Attack! Don’t let them regroup!”

I crushed it and got off the bike with shaking legs. I’d showered and was starting to eat my dinner by the time my breathing and heart rate got somewhat back to normal.

That rush, knowing you achieved Honor, Glory, and Victory… It’s a beautiful thing. :love_you_gesture::sunglasses::zap:


Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

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Remember that MTP recommends the third person for positive talk - “I will do it” should be replaced with “You will do it”.

Great job! :+1:


Indeed! Thanks for the reminder :+1:.

I’m somewhat inconsistent at staying in third person, but I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference between first and third. Using appropriately short challenges has made a difference for me, though; if my messages are about a long period of time, I don’t feel as motivated, so I try to keep the goals small and easier to achieve.

I guess that this might be related to my weakness, which is sustained efforts, or I’m just predisposed against considering long durations of Suffering :nerd_face: :sweat_smile:.


Great thread!

I can’t recommend MTP enough. I was unconsciously doing those things on my good days, but then it helped me recognize and stop using negative self talk on other days. It’s helped me nail my new high MAP and AC numbers on FF last Saturday. Telling myself “You’re already halfway done” “Only 2 more minutes” “Just breathe” “Focus on your breathing” “You’ve got this.” “Power thru these last 30 seconds” “It’s only 15 seconds! You can do anything for 15 seconds!” “Give it everything!” Wowza! I get chills just thinking about it. :slight_smile:

I did Joyride this morning. Only did it at 60% for a recovery week, but it gave me instant recall of other couple times I did it at 100%. I love powering thru the cobbles. Makes me want to go ride Paris-Roubaix! Even tho I know riding those damn cobbles it will feel like hello compared to smoothly riding on an indoor trainer. :laughing:

But then watching John Degenkolb getting mobbed by his teammates… More chills. :slight_smile:


I got destroyed by it seemed like thin air mashup today. I made it through 1.5hrs taking a bit longer breaks and then finally cutting the intensity down. I also tried running sufferfest and zwift at the same time via my computer bluetooth and usb ANT+ dongle. It worked okay for the most part but the trainer seemed to freeze at certain wattages a few times. The speed during the workout was also pretty bizarre since it was moving without any input from me at all. I might have to refresh my kickr at some point.

I wanted to suffer through it but things didn’t feel right at all and my cadence just wasn’t coming up at all no matter how I tried.

I didn’t want to pull the plug but the decision ended up being made for me. I legit bent my chain (ON THE TRAINER!) and had to get off to straighten it out with two adjustable wrenches… What a day.

2.5 hrs on the trainer feels like forever! I think I’m going to have to finish this one sometime soon though. Oof.

New Rule: Nothing over 1.5 hrs on the trainer for now. It’s too much… I’m sure I’ll have a lapse in good judgement and end up doing something longer again. I think that workout would make for good race simulation kind of training.