Saddle suggestions

Having part in the bike fit business I get a bit ticked when people think of LBS as bike fit specialists. For the most part they are not, they are in the business of selling you bikes and parts, and from what we see, often not even the right size one…
Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of great professionals working at LBS, but I would recommend looking up a bike fit professional directly, not really sure in your area (Australia?) but few starting points below:
RETUL - find a fitter.
IBFI: find a fitter
Slowtwitch forum: Bike fit
Google for bike fitters in your area
Ask bike/tri clubs in your area
Road Bike review: How to find a good bike fitter
10 ways to tell if your Bike Fitter is full of sh!t :wink:

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I’ve tried a lot, currently using selle italia Slr super flow, probably the biggest cut out on the market.

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I switched to ISM saddles a few years ago, a bit by chance as I bought a second hand TT bike with an ISM saddle on it.

I’ve now got ISM saddles on all of my bikes, both the TT Bike, Wattbike and road bikes.

Depending on where you are, you can either borrow a demo saddle from a local store, or hire one from ISM themselves to make sure you get the right fit. The saddles are expensive, but are often available on ebay for a reasonable price.

Along with other people on the thread, I would recommend a proper bike fit too, if you haven’t done one already.

BTW - cro-mo vs ti is probably a consideration for a pro, but unless you are already at 2% body fat, saving a few grams on your saddle is probably not worth the money.