Standing starts and carbon frame

Hi there’s been a bit online lately about carbon frames on turbo trainers. I’ve got a Tacx flux direct drive trainer and standing starts has appeared in my plan. Is it safe to do these on a carbon frame or better to pass and pic a different session ?

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This is really hard to answer as no one wants anyone to break anything.

If it helps though, I’ve been through loads of standing starts. Hell, even Violator involves 64 …

Nothing broken yet. And that includes an Elite trainer that had zero give in it.

But that’s just my experience with three different carbon frames.

I’m sure I’ve seen over the last few years some companies putting a t&c thing in about not using In trainers but not sure if that’s still the case.

This is my worry. I have a trek emonda sl6 so lightweight climbing bike. I’m not sure how much power I would throw out on a standing start so a little worried having read cycling magazines quoting that some manufacturers don’t recommend the use of a carbon frame on a trainer.

Sadly no-one will provide an ‘answer’ to this one is the basic problem. I guess no-one knows for sure.
Different trainers, different frames … so just a ‘call’ to make.

To my understanding, part of the problem is that carbon frames can fail catastrophically without warning.

I’m thinking I’ll skip this one just to be sure.