Storming the Castle with PW (Streaming Event) #CastleGuide

Yeah the 5 ride prep weekend absolutely smashed me as well (I used it as a chance to practice the first 5 videos on my list and actually swapped one out). Focus on recovery/foam rolling and stretching.

For the big day starting at 70% is the way to go, you can always dial it up and do the final stage on nuclear. I went up to 80% at the end and regretted it mightily.

Good luck!


Thank you all for the words of encouragement!!

I’m pretty much set. Biding my time.

I updated the schedule with a 3 minute time shift. Additionally, the technical decision was made to split the whole event into two separate streams. First 5 and last 5 videos.
I’ll update with the original links in a few days and send out “invitations”. Facebook only lets me setup the whole thing seven days in advance.


The event will be split into two parts (because of technical limitations).
- Links will be released a week before the actual event. -

Sometimes stuff happens. Streams get cut or technology just stops working. This thread will be updated during the quest if anything else fails.


I’ve got my Knight’s kit, ready!

I can feel the antici…




@Pierre.Weikamp so sorry to back out of riding with you…my ‘Queen’s’ birthday celebrations are evolving in these complicated times. I will follow your progress with interest. Suffer valiantly as expected. Beware the goats!!

No worries. Family first - tells me you got your priorities straight. Kudos, Sir.

I‘ll see you at the castle.


Pierre - excellent work! You are ready to storm the castle with your trusty guides! Looking forward to the journey with you!