SUF Support Tips: All about Level Mode

I am sure you could improve your FF results by riding it in ERG mode, but the results would only reflect your mentally pre determined ceiling, not your max or true bests


Can we have this handy graph for kph as well?
I’m asking in behalf of all fellow Sufferlandrians from outside the US :wink:


I’m sorry, I only have the graph available in this format. I too live in a metric world and do calculations in my head when necessary.

It isn’t necessary to do calculations to fight LTE out what curve you need though. A few trials to ensure you can reach all the power targets for the test is all that is necessary. Sir Martin’s advice above to pre-ride FF is a great idea.

I raced a few years ago, there were mile markers around the course but I got it into my head they were km markers.I was with a small group with 5km to go, did an attack, if I had got a gap all would be well, but of course the real distance was 5 miles, and I did not make it.
The grand tours that are on TV have countdowns in Km and I always translate them in my head into English, yet when North American races are televised I keep translating the miles into KM. Why? I just do not know