Sufferfest outfit in Zwift

A friend challenged me to a ride in Zwift, I’ve just had a look at setting up a character, but there doesn’t seem to be a Sufferlandrian outfit. I’d love to represent the nation, does anyone know if it is possible to get one?

In return, I’m going to be challenging him to Nine Hammers, I think I know who is getting the best out of this challenge!


+1 for this. I use both products and, like you, have often thought how cool it would be to represent SUF in Zwift. However, as a possible competitive product, I can’t see it happening.

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Yeah this has been raised a few times. It’ll never happen due to them being direct competitors commercially even if not in the eyes of some users as like you say, people do use both.

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I use both Zwift and now Sufferfest alongside. They seem more like complimentary products to me, but I can see the commercial clash from Zwift’s perspective.


I initially thought this too (never happen because they’re competitors), but then I thought that if someone is wanting a SUF outfit on Zwift, it’s because they’re on Zwift! If they want a SUF outfit, it’s because they’re a Sufferlandrian! Someone that’s going to choose between one app or the other isn’t going to give a flying donut about whether there’s an outfit or not.

Maybe Wahoo can twist some arms…