SUFlog (Part 1): ToS'21 Announcement Reaction

Thank you, @all. Great motivation to hear such amazing feedback. I‘m humbled and stunned by almost 400 views. What?? :slight_smile:

Part 2 is pretty much done, just waiting for a few scenes from the rest of my prep plan…
I already learned a lot about the craft of filmmaking and had lots of fun doing it.

A crazy idea came to my mind:
I want to make a small video for each stage of the ToS and have it ready on the same day…
Ambitious? Maybe. Crazy? Definitely.

I heard the Team is always doing fun stunts and daily stuff… would anybody care to see how things are going on the side of a SUF newbie?


Absolutely Pierre go for it :+1:

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Lollll… this is brilliant. MORE!!!

I’m sad I didn’t see this sooner. Brilliant! If this was your first attempt then you certainly have a great eye for this. Fantastic job! Love it!

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Part 2 is done and out in the world. I allowed myself to open a brand new topic for the new video: SUFlog (Part 2): ToS'21 Stages Reveal Reaction.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Funny video!! Only chips as a Couchlandrian? Love darkening the Pain cave (although you do have quite the set up I can only dream of) to suffer. Looking forward to seeing your next video. I don’t get online to social media platforms much, so bravo to you!!


Awesome! I can relate to the dust on the seat - I know that I have been far too long in Couchlandria when there are cobwebs on my bike. :grin: :crazy_face:

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Next video will be released on Sunday 14th, 18:30 (GMT+1).
I’m aiming for one video per stage / day.


Mannequin’t wait!

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