TacX Flux Not Responding to Erg Mode

Message sent to the minions. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

I started using the OS X desktop app about 3 weeks ago on Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 on the new Mac Book Air with the M1 chip. My TacX Flux firmware is on 3.3.40/1.1.6. The bike I am using has a 32T oval front ring, and 11-40 11spd cassette (MTB gearing).

The trainer is not responding correctly to the power targets in ERG mode. I am having to shift to adjust my cadence to hit the targets. So shift to harder gear + increase cadence to hit sub-threshold and above targets, shift down to hit the recovery targets. If I change to level mode, the power is all over the place and I have no idea if I’m even close to hitting the targets.

Before each workout I calibrate the trainer. I’ve gone through all the steps I used to do with iOS app to eliminate interference. The app is connecting to the trainer first, then my Wahoo cadence sensor, then my Tickr Fit HRM.

Next I will try removing the desktop app and installing the iOS app on the computer to see if it does the same thing.

Would appreciate any help.

I have had issues with my ERG, had to make sure I am connected via ANT+ as bluetooth creates issues, I checked that I had calibrated it again after doing a proper 10 minute warm up of the trainer before calibrating and I played around with the gearing options quite a bit rather than what I use with other apps etc.

They guys at Garmin told me to do the following things which I did and now it does seem better, although not quite right and I do still have to change to accommodate flooring wattage issues but that is normal apparently:

Why wont my tacx smart trainer pair with my training app

Tacx Desktop App Connection Troubleshooting

How do I calibrate the FlUX Series Smart Trainer?

Sorry if that is no help at all and the hyperlinks dont work, not sure if they will they dont look quite right. I have found Garmin fairly unhelpful since they have taken over Tacx but I am stuck with the Tacx right now.

Thank you @Gisela_Blackburn. I’ve been doing all those things. The only change in my set up is going from iOS to Mac OS.

There was a file they told me to remove, the minions that is and to use ANT not Bluetooth. I can see if I can find it. I have swapped to Microsoft windows now rather than Mac and it all works fine. It’s a bit odd but I am sure it’s fixable

I have the same problem and bought an ant+ dongle and it works fine. Bluetooth is very hit and miss but ant+ is stable.

Looks like I’d need to buy a USB to USB C hub and an Ant+ USB stick/dongle. No guarantee it will work on the new M1 Air.

They are really cheap like 15 quid so worth it really WORKS fine with ANT… defeats the object of having a Bluetooth equipped bit of kit but needs must at times

Still working with a minion on this.

What I’ve been seeing on my end following the usual steps to eliminate interference from other devices and such.

So on the M1 MacBook Air…

IOS app + BT seems to mostly work
Desktop App + Ant+ seems to work so far
Desktop app + BTLE has lots of signal drops