The 9th Hammer -- Too much? Just right?

95% is maximum I have done

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Finished my first nine hammers session earlier. I had no idea it would be THAT hard…WTH!! After hammer 7 I thought that was my max. I managed to do all of them and finished 9 at around 30rpm but I had to stand up to turn the pedals over from around 20 seconds to go. :rofl::rofl: Nothing left to give.

I came on the forum just to see if anyone else found it hard…yep, has its own topic!

First experience…9 is about right to push you to your limit. I reckon they tried 10 on someone with legs like Groot and he couldn’t do 10 so they capped it to 9 for us mere mortals to attempt and suffer.

Hope that doesn’t turn up in another training plan!!


Today was my fourth time tackling the 9H journey but I feel like it was my first time really completing it.

1st: Didn’t know what I was in for and reduced the intensity a bit.
2nd: Probably my 4DP numbers were too old, it was hard but not undoable.
3rd: Cracked in the last 30 seconds.
4th - today: Absolutely nailed the workout.

The 8th and 9th Hammers are just right. Maybe this is even my favorite SUF workout.

It’s hard and will make you push yourself to the absolute limit - but doable. It really gives you a feeling of accomplishment when done right.


I’ve only done 9 Hammers once, but for me it was absolutely spot on with what I want from a workout

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You know when you have one of your favourite meals but it turns out that a particular ingredient was added to that meal also of which you like. The meal turns out to be just not the same, so when the ingredient next rears it’s ugly head you avoid it. Well to me my new training plan starting tomorrow is the meal and Nine Hammers is the ingredient rearing it’s head in the middle of the second week.

Kudos. I’ve been through that journey about 10 times. Never once have achieved any of your four above lol. So I reckon you’ve got it crushed !!


So second week of intermediate road plan on what I hope is correct 4DP numbers.
Feeling on top of the world!! Although have cadence builds tomorrow followed by Defender then reduced Joyride. A hard week but im feeling confident so hopefully get through the tough block, then be even more convinced my figures are correct and enduring the pain of FF was so worth it.
Onwards and Upwards


That is fab news Simon. Well done sir. It’s all coming together nicely !!

I’ve only done it once as part of the Tool Shed Mash Up, and I died in the beginning of the last minute of #9.

But, I’m glad to hear that other users find some of these workouts this hard, too. I can also see the difference between rider types in some of these comments as everybody finds different workouts difficult or not. I’ve been a Time Trialist and a Rouleur and have the most problems with the highest intensity NM and AC intervals. But, I rock at and love the FTP level workouts like Defender and G.O.A.T. and I’ve hit some of my best numbers during Joyride.

I say leave #9 as it is, but maybe add a note in the description that if you don’t fail the workout then you definitely need to do a new 4DP test. :smiley:


I say leave #9 as it is, but maybe add a note in the description that if you don’t fail the workout then you definitely need to do a new 4DP test. :smiley:
Emacdoug. You are off my Xmas card list for bursting my bubble :wink:


have any of you Sufferlandrians found “defender” even harder than “Nine Hammers”?
Or is it because I did it two days after NH?
I am absolutely Spent :sweat:

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I find Defender more of a mental battle, especially that 3rd set. It’s knowing things will ease and trying to hold on. That’s just me though, a lot of people struggle with Defender.

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Have to agree with @Alistair_Brown. 9H is painful and pushes the limit (or breaks it!!) Defender once in a rhythm its a bit uncomfortable but does not get much more uncomfortable.

Love the session, great visuals, music is banging and story line and quotes are fun


Your right probably more a mental thing. I did so well in the dreaded NH I probably thought it would be easier lol. But hey ho it’s done
Onwards and Upwards


Managed Defender a couple of years ago.
Zero chance now !

If that means you did it then well done !!