The 9th Hammer -- Too much? Just right?

it got the better of me today less than 2 minutes in. Cadence started dropping and then that was that. Maybe the G.O.A.T. yesterday took more out of me than
I thought. Then again, GOAT felt challenging yesterday for the first time ever; maybe I’m just having a few off days. who knows? Kinda bummed about the hammers, though.


Sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail. :slight_smile:

I hope you know what to do when the workout gets the better of you.
You’ll crush it next time, Calvin. :facepunch:

Are you doing the All-Purpose Road plan? I remember you were thinking about it.


I’ve been meaning to ask a similar question since my second hammers attempt lat week. My first introduction to the workout wasn’t too bad, in the first half of the All-Purpose road plan, and I made it though fine, if a little beaten up.

This second one was pretty ugly, though, coming after a Half Monty mid-way through the plan, which increased y MAP by nearly 10%. I’m guessing that had something to do with how much harder Nine Hammers was this second time around.

I had to grind a bit at the end of 6, 7 (threshold) was fine, but on both 8 and 9 I just couldn’t keep the power up and had to pause for a few seconds so I could complete the remainder of the hammer.

I did have a bit of a confidence issue going into it, questioning whether I’d be able to complete, which maybe contributed, but even so I think I’d have to be in something very close to a perfect moment to get through both of the last two hammers with my profile as it is now.

I guess I’m happier knowing I’m not the only one who finds it hard :slight_smile:


yes. all purpose road + strength.


@ChrisMTB raises an interesting question I can shed some (n=1) light on @David.McQuillen.KoS
I am a new customer and a newish cyclist albeit coming from 30+years of daily CV and strength training. Cruised through Defender, Hell Hath and thought ‘oh that 9 Hammers looks fun’. Straight in at my Half Monty 100% figures. 10 mins at over 95% max heart rate and another 12 at over 90% then I hit that last hammer.
My legs caved - but I’d been sitting on max heart rate for what seemed like forever - so whilst I hated ‘DNF’ing - I felt I’d delivered training effect and “I’ll be back”!
I like the idea of this as almost a ‘pass out’ session - in terms that if you complete it’s probably time to move on but agree a ‘heads up’ about the likelihood of failure could be nice - but then would that deny other newbies the ‘fun’ of finding themselves in that ridiculous last ‘recovery’ and having ‘the chat’ with themselves about whether they have the bottle to try the last hammer. You don’t start something called Sufferfest without an idea of what’s coming - if you do it’s probably natural selection! Right … Blender or Local Hero next?
Really loving the product - it’s genius.


I did it last Saturday, week 7 of my program and 3rd week of hard training. Next Friday I will have Half Monty.
It was doable, which means I had good legs besides tired and therefore expect to see new numbers this Friday.
That last minute, in any way can be considered easy, even with good legs. I was a kind of struggling during the second minute, but them I managed to set a cadence of 100-105 rpm and hold it until the end of the last one.

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