THE CHORES doesn‘t work

I finished THE CHORES today and absolutely crushed it. Sadly I have to report, the workout doesn‘t work properly.

Right now, I am standing in my kitchen cleaning dishes… What the hell?

Chores told me:

And believe me, I argued…

…still, no luck. My wife is totally unreasonable.

I guess I need to email the minions and troubleshoot this situation.

So, let‘s hear it. Did THE CHORES work for you? :grinning:

By the way, what a great workout. Aces!


I can only sadly confirm this… I did Chores yesterday (second time in the last 3 weeks as it didn’t work the first time) and right after I had to prepare dinner and clean dishes… my wife and kids were absolutely not interested in what I did before :joy:


I think we need the Minions to implement some kind of certificate we can download after finishing The Chores. I’m quite sure that must be the shortcoming why it did not work for so many of us.


Maybe we misunderstood and its actually the Minions taking care of our dishes? Now that they are aware I m sure it will work out.

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Well I have to say, I do all the washing up in my house and the Chores is one of my favourite workouts. But Er indoors does do the majority of the cooking and Whoa can she cook :yum:


No luck here :confused:

I finished the workout, left, came back and the dirty dishes were still there.

Maybe the fact that I live by myself has something to do with it :thinking:


Yeah, I’ve tried showing that screen shot to my wife and all she ever does is laugh and roll her eyes and then pass me a dish towel.



If you take that dish towel to towel off holy water it may be a workaround to get “The Chores” actually work. :smiley::smiley:

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Or a shortcut to the morgue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, showed my wife this screen shot and she said no.

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