The Rookie not so rookie

Enter eight week of the twelve weeks festivity period known as all purpose road. As any fall day, I spend my days dreaming with a nice jazz background and the smell of coffee in the air. Life, indeed is sweet. I do not mind much of how my seventh week Half Monty results were not as envisioned…just a bit less power gain than I would have wanted but in any case, this promises nice sweet spot rides in the coming weeks.

In comes the rookie. This rookie, I tell myself, with these new “not so high” numbers should not be an issue to handle.

-Blink and you’ll miss it-

Last sprint of the second race; where are my legs? where’s the power? It must be this damn trainer! I’ll crush the next ten minutes, no worries.

Four minutes in the last race; now I lost my lungs as well! system alert: hazardous! Right, back-up, LvL Mode, you’re in…just to casually hit power targets for the three minutes.

Guys, girls; who else here struggles with The Rookie? Is it suppose to punish this way for sprinter type of riders? I need revenge, I just want to know the beast I’m facing a little bit better =D

…still, happy HM didn’t increase my numbers more than it did (laughing and crying)


Ive always found The Rookie to be a really brutal session. Not sure I’ve ever got through it at 100%

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I love the rookie, such a good insight into how crazy, hard, and sweary the pro peloton is. Absolutely brilliant on-bike footage


I’ve done The Rookie on 100% and 90%. It’s tough, but doable tough. I love the race footage and behind the scenes footage. And also how they also got the riders to play along. And also the outtakes at the end.

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