The Shovel

Quick one!
Level or ERG mode for the Shovel?

Level mode means all all out for each interval, ERG targeting power targets of course.

Whats your take/best way for it? I have it coming up tomorrow =)


SUF says use ERG mode. You can read up on it here:

I say (not a coach!): Level mode. :slight_smile: Just do your best and try to hit the targets.

Maybe you should switch during the workout, try both out and see what’s right for you?


I Love “The Shovel” deffo ERG mode


It kills me on level mode. Haven’t had a chance to try it on ERG mode, yet. Try both, i guess. Not holding my breath for my next chance, tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can always switch back and forth too! I usually do it in ERG mode, but that depends on the trainer. If those shorter intervals give your trainer trouble in ERG, just switch to Level mode.


I prefer level mode for The Shovel - I like the workout and it plays to my strengths - so I tend to find I can exceed the targets by doing it in level mode. It’s also excellent practice at level mode/gearing.


Not to leave this one hanging…

I started The Shovel in ERG mode, but with my Kickr Snap it is very difficult to hit NM power targets while in ERG and I found in level mode it was more convenient. So, maybe for wheel-on smart trainers this one will be ERG/LvL (NM).

All in all, it killed me. I survived the first 23 intervals, then I had to really dig during the second session and by the final MAP-AC and NM targets I was in a dark place, had to take some extra rest (no more than 10 seconds) before attacking full gas again and again with the whole package: nausea, shakes, blurry vision. Anyways, very happy I did it.


I did the chores yesterday and my kickr (old school OG unit) had a hard time adapting to the rapid switches that were going on.

Is there a setting where you can lead in and lead out the change? I.e. have the app send the signal for the trainer to start increasing power 2-3 seconds before the interval kicks in? The ramps are generally easier. This morning, it took my kickr up to 5 seconds to get into the meat of some of the 40 second intervals.

Any option like this in the works? I believe zwift has a smoothing function or such.

Otherwise, I may have to start doing all the workouts like the above in level mode.

It’s really difficult to hold cadence steady as the resistance is actively fighting you on an older trainer.

Edit: Did things in the big ring today and it was actually better. Have also been ramping up cadence going into the interval so it doesn’t shock the kickr. A slight ramp up would still be good I think.

I just completed The Shovel for the first time. What a horrible workout, I contemplated stopping a number of times but kept going anyway. Started out in ERG up until the peak of the first shovel, where my trainer was having difficulty with the rapid changes in the sprints. So changed to level for those, then back to ERG.

Changed to level for all the next sprints intervals and the rest I did in ERG again.

According to my 4DP it’s supposed to be one of my strenghts, but man, did I suffer!

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Hi all, Sufferfest newbie and first post on the forum. I did The Shovel for the first time, today. I was in ERG which was fine for all but the NM, which just became a ‘whoomp’ fest. I don’t think I got the benefit of the NM intervals and will try switching to Level next time for the NMs…

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