The View From The Top

Congratulations. You’ve scaled your personal Mt. Sufferlandria. What was it? How did you feel as you gaze out from the summit? Share your story and inspire those of us toiling up our personal slopes!


Hey @AlexEllermann, I moved this to the Success Stories category. Looking forward to hearing more!


Hi @Glen.Coutts,

Thanks. Now I know which category to visit for motivation!

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All good. I’ve reached my personal Mt SUF a few times. First was Knighthood, then vEveresting Alpe du Z, vEveresting 10k Leith Hill, vEveresting Mt Ventoux, irl Everesting Basecamp (1/2 Everesting) on a local speed bump. Planning for more. I can’t recommend the SUF Mental Toughness Program highly enough. I’ve got a new Mt SUF (of course), a couple actually. Love reading and hearing about people’s journey to be their best.