Tire Pressure on Fluid Trainer

I got a Saris (Cyclops) Fluid Yellow Trainer. I recently decided to start monitoring my tire pressure. Normally I would check it and I want to say it sat around 60 PSI. I now pump it to around 90-95 PSI. I have noticed my workouts are a LOT more difficult like way more. Could it be that I would have to loosen up the roller just a bit? Not sure since I got my 4dp numbers prior to start adjusting for pressure or counting the turns I put on the knob.


definitely, if you increase the pressure on your tyres you should adapt how tight the trainer is to the tyre! I’m personally not familiar with Saris trainers, I used to have a tacx vortex, and typically if I changed pressure I needed to adjust the tightness. also the turbo needs calibration every now and then! with my Tacx it was once/week


My trainer is not a smart trainer. I guess
i will try playing with the tension. I just loosened the knob and it made a cracking sound. So it of been in too tight.

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I have a dumb magnetic brake trainer. I use a specific trainer tyre. The recommendation from the tyre manufacturer is to inflate to 120 psi. The recommendation from the trainer manufacturer is to tighten the tension until the brake just starts to compress the tyre.

This information may help you :grinning:


Its funny because I’ve had this trainer for a couple of years and I am just now paying attention to these details. I may get a trainer tire, I think that will better. I also think it might way to tight since this is the first time I am pumping my tire to a higher pressure. I am starting to think I am getting worse, but it doesn’t feel like it when I go ride outside.


Do you have the Fluid2? If so I believe the recommended tire pressure for a 700 x 23 road tire is 100 psi. Also the newer models have a knob that you turn and it will click when the right setting is achieved between tire and roller. The older style was a lever that was much less precise. You can definitely change out the lever with the knob. They have that part on their website.

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Consistency Is key with fluid trainers. Do your best to keep roller tension consistent and, I recommend, checking tire pressure before each ride to make sure that your psi is the same each time.


I got the regular fluid trainer it uses the old black knob. After my last ride yesterday I unscrewed it and it made a cracking sound. I am suspecting it was too tight.

Seems like that is the way to go. This is something I am just now paying attention to. I unscrewed the roller and tightened it back into where the tire is no longer slipping. Hopefully, this will make it feel better.

Came to find out my wheel was not aligned correctly. The bike I am using is Felt B14 and the dropouts are horizontal. This is my first bike of this kind and had not realized the wheel was not straight in the dropouts and it was rubbing on my rear brake.

I did omnium while riding my brakes lol. Thanks everyone for the help nonetheless.

Glad you sorted it. I have Omnium tomorrow one of my favourites.

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good luck

U can draw a marking on the tightening knob to ensure you dial the same tightness everytime. For example, I always dial 1.5 turns on my BTWIN In Ride 500 trainer and kept my tire pressure consistently at 100psi. I miss turning the knob now after upgrading to a smart trainer… :joy: