Too much "cheese"

Love the cheese and humor and the real Payne (from the Whine Region of course).

As someone whose focus is MTB XC, most of the road stuff makes no sense so hearing those sounds adds no value.

Given the times we are in and all of crap I’ve dealt with in the last 6 months, Sufferlandria and it’s cheesy humor is a pretty fantastic place to be.



One addition to all the SUF truths being shared.
Try The Wolfpack Insider: Running With Wolves. It showed up in my training this week - it was nice hearing/seeing the rides from inside a team and definitely kept my attention - as have a couple of the others in this part of the app (sorry, forget what they’re called, but they’re movies with training activities - you have to keep making circles to see the movie :blush:).
Anyway, as much as I love the cheesy humour, it makes for a nice break. Sufferlandria is a planet-wide country, so having all these options for different corners of the motherland is great!


Embrace the cheese.
For me cheese is comforting and far from getting tired of it, I enjoy knowing the next bit of humour and Sufferlandrian folklore is coming up. It distracts me in a good way.

Can I add a bit more.

What do you call a soluble cow?




We love our cheese. It’s best with a bit of whine, brought about through much Suffering.


Mmmmmmm grilled cheese.


I love all the cheese from the lactic acid yaks but I understand your point. I’ve tired to explain some of the jokes and narratives to my girlfriend, who says all of that would just drive her nuts. She especially rolled her eyes at my description of butter. But butter has been one of my favorites so far. Elements of style and anything with mike cotty too.


The dry humor and jokes always come at the right time for me - and give me a momentary distraction from the pain and suffering - More laser goats please!


Personally, the humor that I do not like I can easily ignore.

There is one piece of music that some might find offensive although I wonder if anyone noticed.

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Certainly not the selection from Quiet Company?

(I forgot which it was and on which video, as I mute music on all videos these days. But am thrilled SUF used a local [for me & my Texas self], lesser-known-but-wholly-worthy band for us to Suffer by.)

No it is not.
The lyrics are not in English.

I’m intrigued but I don’t think you should tell (unless the minions ask you).

I vote for some fun to break up the “head in a bucket, heart in throat” efforts that some of these workouts deliver! Love this App!!


Glad to see this hasn’t devolved into mud-slinging that is typical of most of the web.

Basically, I will say more of the same. I love the humor. Some of it makes my roll my eyes while some of it makes me laugh even when I’m chewing stem and can barely breathe.

But, yeah. Music, humor, and cheese is always an individual thing. So, if you don’t enjoy it or wish it was toned down, there’s nothing wrong with that. And if you love the workouts, but not the rest of the stuff, you have a number of options including turning the music on/off, adding your own music in the background, using the mini-player and ignoring the videos you don’t like, using no-vids, etc.

Hopefully these help because, you know… you can never leave.


I wish the comments were more supportive, like ‘good job’ and ‘you’ve got this’.

It’s like basic management…people respond better to positive reinforcement than negative.

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Once I discovered the awesomeness that is Joyride, my mantra has been “Moar Cheese!” :ok_hand::grinning:

Give The Bat a try.


Love this discussion. You all rock.


At first I though that SUF´s humor kind of childish…then I did the “9 Hammers” and lost my capacity to smile for a while.
Then I did some workouts like “Butter” and I lost my appetite for butter. Now I eat less and less butter.
Then, I did “G.O.A.T” and I though, no other training app has Laser Goats…huh…that is unique.
I took me some time to understand who is Gunter and why he was not displayed at the start page of the app.
Lesson learnt…I started having fun with the app and the humor when I start having no expectations on what to see and listen during the workouts. It is even funnier when I try to explain the jokes to my non-cyclist friends…

The only complaint point I have is that I was expecting that a laser goat would show up on my screen the moment my power targets get low. Need some improvement here.

  1. You not peddling hard enough if you notice the humour… heheh…
  2. English humour… :smile: