ToS: Pre-Grand-Depart Race Village Banter

Not long now!


So, 9 bottles for 9 hammers?

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Can’t wait to see the ongoing damage done to this by the lasers from behind…

@David.McQuillen.KoS is this schedule posted in the forum? I can’t find it :man_shrugging:.

You could tell I’m excited to start. Went to the LBS and bought one of these today. I mean, if I’m going to be racing in my pain cave, I may as well upgrade my helmet to a more aero one!


Good morning, good morning (here in germany),
less than two hours until the first stage opens…

Breakfast :pancakes: is ready.

The Grand-Depart is close.

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I’m off to bed. Will ride 5am NZ time

Good morning from the Netherlands, today final prep for grand depart tomorrow :muscle:

For those who are getting ready for stage 1, happy suffering, I bear with you
it is for an honourable and glorious cause, be victorious

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Evening/Afternoon/Morning RIDERS! Just over an hour to the Grand Depart! I’ll be riding tomorrow at 11am Hobart time with the rest of our Hobart office. Can’t wait to kick off this Tour!


Alarm set for 5am Sydney time. The perfect start to Valentine’s Day!

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Just finished Primers, excited!
Also, a lot going on in that video. Illegal virtual aero positions, pedalling supertuck, and those socks of the Silber team :heart_eyes:


Stage one going to be in the bag today!

The hype is real :partying_face:

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Primers done.

Carb load.

Ready for tomorrow.

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Oh boy, Oh boy!

I had my second Moderna on Tuesday and haven’t had it in me to taper, recharge, or prime … just sooo run-down.

Tomorrow East Coast US time will be THE TEST!

Gotta say, I’m looking forward to the rides that will be new to me! I’ve never done Cobbler or 9Hammers or (obvs) Norway. Good luck everybody, may the Goats have no mercy shall we flounder …


I noticed that on Primers too.

I’ll see your fancy grape juice and raise you way too much Fireball whiskey. Or that’s how I frontloaded today’s stage—which I do not recommend. Brings a whole new meaning to “amber waves of pain.” ‘’