Training for Ultra Endurance Cycling race

Have a look at Final Surge. They have a different funding model to Training Peaks whereby they charge coaches, not athletes. So, if you don’t have a coach it’s free. It’s not as good as the paid version of training peaks but better than the free.

Also, the PC/Windows/Linux software “Golden Cheetah” fills any gaps left. It’s open source and ugly, but very powerful. There is no phone app (as it has no funding at all). You can synchronise it to Strava (including free) so it’ll automatically download all your activities. It also has an indoor training mode so if you want to do workouts that exceed the Sufferfest maximum you can. Beware though, it isn’t intuitive. I’ve been using it for years and there are still things I don’t know what they are.


Hello Eerke,

Thank you for responding. I do have Final surge and Training peaks. I have tried Golden Cheetah but did not get it to work on my Macbook.

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Hey Auke,

Have you picked a plan yet, how is it going? It looks like you are set with a good few midway goals along the way. If at any point you want a few extra pointers or advice, @P.Weikamp mentioned our customised plans already, here is a recap of our SUFCoaching service:

We offer basic or advanced plans for both Cycling and Multisport. The main difference is that on a basic plan you only talk to your coach once before your plan is put together and on an advanced plan you get a follow-up call (we recommend having this in week 6) to check-in on how your plan is going and make any necessary adjustments to the remainder of your plan. If you are working towards a long term goal, we recommend the advanced option so you have more regular interactions with your coach. It also helps when coming to renewal as you also complete a bi-weekly form with your training notes so your coach will have up to date information.

If you would like to go with a customised plan, here is what you can expect:

  1. Purchase your chosen plan from our webpage
  2. Look out for a confirmation email from This contains a link to your initial questionnaire so the coaching team can find out more about you and your goals.
  3. Once you have submitted your form, our coaching coordinator will allocate you a coach and send you a link to book your call directly with them.
  4. Have your 30 minute interview call with your coach to discuss your goal and agree on a plan and start date.
  5. Your coach will then go and write up your plan on the TrainingPeaks platform and have it set to go on your agreed start date.
  6. Start your plan and achieve your goal!

That is odd. When I first ran Golden Cheetah it was on a MacBook Pro. I think running OS X Lion and ended on El Capitan. Switched to PC now. There’s a google group for the software where atleast 2 of the developers post.

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Thanks for the heads-up.
The customized plans with SUFCoaching are certainly a great way to reach my goals. I do love the road to the goals as much as finishing the event itself like creating a training plan, training, and adjusting the plan on the way with what my body and mind need.

I will keep in mind that there is professional help when I get stuck.


Hey Eerke, i got Golden Cheetah running on my Mac. A shit load of data and I have to dive in deep to understand how to get the most out of the data in a practical way.

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Good. There’s so little evidence for what works and what doesn’t their approach seems to have been putting it all there in a confusing mess. I’ve forgotten how but I’m 99% sure you can even add your very own analysis using R. For example, I think there are 5 different PMC charts built in.

The one useful feature I didn’t find but now know about is the combine activities function. I swim with a GPS watch but a separate HRM with its own memory. Both workouts go up Strava, return to Golden Cheetah and there I join them (it’s under “activity” and then “combine activities”. Start with the first activity selected normally and then select the second when it asks you to pick an activity). Generally quite useful if you have different devices recording different things.

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