Under trained? What’s up?

Well hey there folks.
I know I’ve often got something to say when I see training issues and questions, and then I’ve found that when I look at myself it suddenly becomes soo hard.

Issue: feel pretty knackered. Had a few days off again and still feel bored / not achieving anything/ fed up with not improving.
Have an event in only 4m now and this is the worst I’ve felt since January.

What’ve I been doing?
Last year did some custom plans.
This year did well for the first 6m, finally just breaking thru my map/ftp test barrier I’d had for 2 years. Not by much (2% over a two year period is hardly Ground breaking but it was uplifting in June

Jul/Aug been off the trainer a lot and replaced with outdoors. Going around Scotland on family hols beating up my previous times on road rides and stuff like that, some nice long days, some brilliant hard work days of 4-5hrs and so on.

And now I just feel like I’m nowhere. Back in the trainer now and I’m energy-free. I seriously wouldn’t think it would collapse my fitness so much over 2m (for example my tss (yes I know, totally silly score) has been solid and I do use CTL and it’s nicely above where it was in June …

So is it possibly that working hard outside, albeit harder to ‘measure’ has left me under trained?

Who knows. I’ve just realised I’m sounding off to the Sufferfest ecosystem as you will at least all understand.
It’s so tough when things are rubbish !!


Hi @Sir_Martin,
No, you are definitely not under trained in my opinion. It’s very difficult to be your own coach, no doubt. Have you had any breaks in you training? Breaks are so important mentally and physically.
Fitness is not a linear process and you can only expect to really hold a peak for two weeks once or twice in a year at the most. You Sir, need a break.


Is it just since you got back on the trainer that you felt like rubbish? I am so much happier to go hard outside than I am inside. Even learning to pedal again on the trainer is a learning curve. Like, I think ERG is something my legs don’t want to do for a while. If I get back on the trainer any time soon - there is going to be a lot of toggling between ERG and Level 2.


Hiya. There may be a degree of that. But it seems more than that. And I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe just fed up with my own lack of effort :slight_smile:

Curious - were you following a plan in July and August? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you feel drained at the end of each day? How’s your daily stress levels? Stuff to think about which may mean it’s time for a break for maybe a week? Then get ready for HM to get new numbers and pick a plan you wouldn’t normally do to keep things fresh?

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Thanks coach. Bad timing to be needing a break when the only event this year is coming up … hey ho.
Let’s see what a week of generic riding does … Z2/Z3 without the HIIT stuff.
Does that make sense to do to ‘stay awake’ ?

You have plenty of time for a break if your event is in 4 months (am I reading that correctly).

4 months. And yet again, 8 months in, and not long to go :slight_smile: