Using SUF with garmin virtual run

My garmin 945 has included virtual run (which can also be used for bike, it’s just receiving Bluetooth data) which would let me link my heartrate from my watch (or from my strap to the watch via ant+ then to the app via Bluetooth) so I can use my iPad instead of my older computer, which has had communication problems.
I’m able to pair the app and trainer, and the app to the watch, but on the watch end all I get is “ready to pair” even though it shows the iPad connected.
The tech support at Garmin would like to know if there’s a troubleshooting page in SUF for connecting the watch and Bluetooth, I guess. I don’t see the relevance, but it’s what they’re asking for. My Google fu skills didn’t turn up a page like this. Anyone else know?

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From the picture it seems like your HRM strap is paired with the app. If so, it may not also pair with the watch. I have a Suunto and encountered something similar. I had been doing some strength training and used the watch and HRM to record and then when I jumped on the bike the HRM sensor didn’t show up and I then realized that it was paired with the watch. Hope that helps but if not I would suggest asking the minions.

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Strap is only ant+, which the iPad can’t see. So the strap is talking to the watch, and the watch is paired to the iPad but can’t seem to realize it is. I honestly can’t remember if I had the strap on at this point, either - I’ve tried so many combinations is hard to recall what I tried what day! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try again today.

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Hi @Dawn2.0!

There’s an article here that links to the instructions on how to pair the watch to the app:

If this isn’t working for you, can you please send us an email at so we can troubleshoot this with you?