Where do I report the Violator because that workout should be illegal. 64 sprints, full gas, some with 5 second recovery? I was trashed after 10 but somehow found a way to limp to the end. I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks but that has to be one of the hardest workouts.


I have done Violator as well. I think how hard it is partially depends on what your cycling strengths and weaknesses are, and, of course, your mental strength.

@platinum847 Unfortunately it is perfectly legal. It is one of those workouts where it helps to have prior experience with it so you know what you are facing. Also check out some of the breathing techniques from the yoga videos as they do help during the brief recovery periods. I am still struggling with Violator myself but I have been able to complete a similar video - The Shovel - so I feel Violator is within reach. Stay focused and best wishes for success!

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@JSampson legal in Sufferlandria, yes, but extremely illegal if you ask UN human rights council… same with the TOS.

Jokes aside, violator is one of those workouts you dread, you start it thinking, “I’ll give it a shot, but there is no way I can finish this beast” and then halfway through you think, “ok, made it this far, let’s see how far I can do it” and then the last third you realize that you can and will finish and feel proud at the end.

It’s always the mind that holds back your body.


I did the Violator a couple of weeks back I certainly didn’t feel as violated as I thought I would thinking about the name made me more stress pre-ride than actually doing it. However, when I tackle the Scream in a couple of weeks time will that be a whole different story - in terms of being terrible I mean?

@Gisela_Blackburn Team Scream or Long Scream? I like Team Scream and do well alternating between pulling and drafting. I haven’t done Long Scream at 100% - only as a recovery video before the new ones came out but 35 minutes at FTP should make for a great challenge. Good luck!

Team scream I believe :scream:


My approach to surviving Violator is to treat it as an out of body experience: there’s no thinking about how hard to go, so the mystery is discovering the sequence your body starts to break down and what other muscles fatigue as you try to squeeze out any remaining Watts from the body.

My last time out my jaw was twitching uncontrollably during the last set. :man_shrugging:

Violator, nine hammers, the long scream etc.etc. In erg mode they’re all awful in their own special way, which is great, obviously!!

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to be fair I am a bit of a light weight girly so I bet I don’t have to try half as hard as you guys do, but I do my best and I dont give up and I am determined to do the TOS so I will crack on with my plan …fingers crossed :wink: