Virtual Watts - which trainer to pick?

Hi All,

I was excited to have a go at Half Monty today to try and get some of my stats. To explain a bit about my setup, I have a Ribble R872 with 25mm conti tyres on an old Elite turbo trainer. I also have a Wahoo Blue SC to measure Speed and Cadence.

My question is, what do I select for the turbo in the Sufferfest App? I’ve attached a picture of my turbo to the thread.

I first tried with it set to Volare Mag Elastogel, as this seems the closest, but that didn’t seem to calculate my power quite right. I tried Half Monty today, but it constantly had my power around 35W. This meant I couldn’t really complete the set properly, as I was nowhere near the targets, even when I was putting some serious effort in. It then didn’t generate me any stats :’(

I then read a bit further in the article about Elite trainers, which says:

Elite designed two Novo Force trainers. The NovoForce has 5 resistance levels and the NovoForce Power Pack has 8 resistance levels.
**For the Novo Mag Force with 8 Levels, use the Super Crono Mag Force power curve since it’s the same power unit.
If you have an older generic Elite Mag trainer, select this trainer .

I then tried doing Igniter with it set to the NovoForce Power Pack, which seemed a bit better and I was able to put out around 60W (according to the app) for longer.

For reference, when I ride on the road, usually for about 1.5 - 2 hours and about 25 - 30 miles, Strava usually calculates my average power as somewhere around 100W.

To be honest I always do find the turbo a bit more difficult than the road, so it is quite conceivable that I just have weedy legs, but just wanted to try and understand first whether it was because I’d selected the wrong turbo model?

Thanks in advance!!

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Anyone got any thoughts please?

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I think you’d be best dropping an email to the minions. They’re super quick and helpful, and will get you sorted out.


Hey @Tim, the thing with virtual watts is that they aren’t very accurate but they are consistent. So as long as you select a setting in the app and stay there, you should be okay. With that said though, how does it work for you if you select the “Generic Mag” option for your trainer? I’d try that one and see how you do.