Wahoo Power Smoothing

So was doing a deep dive into my Kickr Snap and the SUF app mid-ToS, and decided to turn off all of the power smoothing options after noting in the FAQ that it was mostly aesthetic and not required. Felt like I had quite the eye-opener on Stage 6 with it gone - in a good way.

Never again power smoothing! I feel like raw power data (even with my Kickr trying to do it’s business in ERG mode) could be a great training tool for me going forward. The power graph really helped me see when/where my pedal stroke is…not good. I can see using this in training going forward to really work on smoothing out my pedal stroke and spinning circles at higher and higher cadences. Was also able to see that I over-utilize my quads in the downstroke attack. By the end of The Cure, I was already seeing improvements in my muscle-switching and power transfer, with a smoother power curve (though not in sprints - ugh!).

Live and learn.


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