What kind of fan do you use?

I just have that basic 20 inch Lasko floor fan and it blasts the air, as well as being really loud. That’s the only drawback.

That’s the truth. I look forward to the winter when all I need to do is open a window :rofl: :cold_face:

I’ve tried to avoid fans since my last one got on a train and was never seen again :wolf:


Let this be a lesson. If you leave your fan running, then you better prepare to catch it. ba-dam-pischhh


I use one of these on the floor alongside the right side of my handlebars, pointed up so it hits my legs, chest and face.
On the other side I have a tower fan, on a stand so it is right alongside me pointed at just my chest and head.

Box fan goes on at max before I get on the bike, tower fan I can fiddle with as needed during the ride.

Annoyingly, a day after I bought the box fan, Black and Decker released a remote control model, which would be perfect.

I don’t really struggle with heat, I grew up with a lot of exercise in some very hot climates, but…

I started doing Sufferfest without a fan, or with a small fan badly placed. I would finish sessions drenched in sweat, not over-heated or dehydrating, but covered in sweat.
I moved the fan I had higher and closer, which immediately helped a lot and then I got a 20" box fan too, which I have on the floor next to me and pointing up at me. Now, even on long and strenuous sessions I can finish completely sweat free.

Even if you feel you don’t need a fan, they do help and in staying cool you can keep your heart rate lower and your performance level up, which is what we all want, right? :slight_smile:

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If it’s not within arms reach, a remote is crucial. I like the Lasko 20" Wind Tunnel W Remote. Crank it up after you get warmed up

Amazon.com: B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan, 20": Home & Kitchen

Two of these fans; they are great. I usually only need 1 of them and run it on low. It is about 2 feet in front of my face. My trainer is in the unheated garage and I do training rides pretty much in the winter, so that helps too!

As far as “need” goes - I definitely need one, even in the winter. I’ve never left the fan off except on a Z2 or recovery spin on a cold day.

I use one of these:

It’s designed to dry carpets, so moves quite a bit of air. I find it better than a fan, but you need to position it well to get the benefit as the air stream is fairly narrow.

I use the same Vacmaster. Very happy with it.
There’s a coupon for it, available on one of our competitors forums. Shameful copy paste: trainerroad10

Aside from the Vacmaster, which is in front of my front wheel on the floor, I also have a smaller Honeywell HT-900E, which is pointed towards my face.

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While riding in my garage on inside, I find I need at least something pushing air past me. Even a small breeze is better than none, even when it’s only 40F.

I have 20" Walmart store-brand fan I bought in May for $39. I rarely ever switch it past the lowest setting which is stronger than the highest setting on my old white 12" fan (see below).

In the winter in my garage and on all my easy recovery rides I still use my old white 12" desk fan that’s probably at least 15 years old. It gives just enough air flow to be comfortable on low. And when it’s cold the high setting still works great. But when it gets warmer I need my new 20" fan.