When you’re crushed mid video.... pause or lower intensity?

It happens to the best of us, especially with new numbers (and possibly 9 Hammers or ISLAGIATT to name a few… ). Do you pause for 5-10 seconds to slightly recover and continue at 100%, or lower intensity?

Cheers. Stay safe!


If I completely die during an effort and get bogged down in erg mode, I use the keyboard to turn erg off and go into level mode to either get my legs back up to speed or take a break and then turn erg mode back on as soon as I can… then after the workout is done I report to flogging station 6. :slight_smile:


Yes, ERG mode has no sympathy. I also flip on level mode occasionally.


I just easy spin and lower my intensity. Not that it is very much in the first place, but that makes it bearable for me.

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Personally I never pause the workout. Doesn’t mean I don’t pause my legs!

If you’ve not seen it there’s advise from the coaches on this topic here
and here


It depends on how I feel. If I feel that the power in the legs is good but I’m feeling best because the workout is REALLY tough I will pause for a while and get going again if it’s something like 9 Hammers. If it’s something endurance based like HHNF I will reduce intensity but try to keep going.

If I am having a very bad day and feel dreadful I will often call it a day. I figure I’m too tired to get close to the targets and so by punishing my body more than I will increase fatigue and I still won’t be training in the right zones to get the benefit of the workout. There’s a difference between feeling a bit tired and pushing through and feeling absolutely beat and needlessly pushing on in my opinion.

ISLAGIATT? I LOVE ISLAGIATT! I’ve never failed at it yet… But endurance is my strong point :slight_smile: it’s everything else I’m rubbish at!


I usually pause or stop pedalling so that the video stops in ERG mode. I normally suck it up during the “effort segments” and stop during the “rest periods”


I normally pause (though for slightly longer than 5-10secs). If I’m finding that I’m pausing too often, then I start lowering the intensity. If that still doesn’t work, then I’d call it day.


Jings. Don’t think I’ve ever succeeded at any of the videos of any length like that. Good job (endurance is mine too amusingly)

I did that today. Just when I decided I could not pedal at 100 any more, I was told to pedal at 110. So thoughtful , when it dropped back down to 100 it did not seem so bad after all.As for GVA and his “even more interesting idea” he can stuff it

Depending on the workout … if its 9Hammers, AVDP and Im having a bad day ill push through the 3-4 min interval for as long as I can and then take extended recovering until next interval.

Shorter Intervals at MAP with intervals of 1-2 mins ill push through or if I cannot Ill give up on that workout as its clearly a very bad day and workouts like 14VG do not deliver targeted training benefit if reduced.