Where to start post surgery?

Dear Coaches… I’m 6 weeks post major abdominal/pelvic surgery. Not cleared by the surgeon as yet but once I am I kind of have the following in mind to get back on the bike and into a plan - would appreciate any thoughts/ comments and general sanity check! Assumes surgeon clears me for peddaling…

  1. First and foremost I need to do everything within myself at the start (so no full gas suff). I intend to first just get on the bike and pedal a bit (like 5mins) and see how that goes. Do that several times before increasing time on bike and effort - increase everything gradually
  2. Start some yoga (but again within myself) - I have a core restore class which has a focus on pelvic floor which I’m going to start before more regular yoga. I’m going to start the yoga just with gentle moves and stretches (no downward dog, core etc to begin with)
  3. Be prepared for the above to be slow hopefully no set backs - remain positive!
  4. Once I’ve achieved 3 weeks of consistent rides of over 30mins in length with no adverse reaction Start the Fitness Kickstarter plan
  5. From the Kickstarter plan move into the Grand Fonda plan (I have a postponed 2020 double day sportive in May if it goes ahead and I’m fit)

Now I’ve written this down actually I think once I get the go ahead I will also do the Suf Mental training as that has helped keep me on the straight and narrow during rehab before…

Anyway - comments welcome! Thanks

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It sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid plan in place!

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Thanks Cody - good to have the reassurance! I’m just walking for 15mins a day at the moment so a little way to go… lol… BUT slow and steady can win the race :wink:

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Hi @KGallantry,
Thanks for checking in with us. I have to say that your current plan is divine. Not knowing what your procedure was and the time table for recovery the only other suggestions that I would have (you may already be on it) is to work with a physical therapist or physio to make sure that you are moving properly as you return to your normal activities. It is very easy to get “off - track” and create compensatory movement patterns during a recovery time. Having someone to personally check and make sure that you are moving properly is very helpful. Secondly, when you are ready to begin the fitness kickstarter plan (whenever that may be) I encourage you to moderate your intensities and allow time to adjust for changes in cadence and force. Even though the plan has Reduced Intensity workouts the cadence changes will be different. Again, just be within yourself as you said and you should be back at full stride before you know it. Best wishes on a speedy and full return to dominance.


That’s great advance - thanks coach @Coach.Jeff.H! Appreciate it!

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