As a member of the Forgotten Frogmen Tribe of Sufferlandria, I grew up in the Inaccessible cove of the Creature from the Black Lagoon on the Lactic Acid Sea. I constantly played on
Mt. Sufferlandria. I so, LOVED my 2 Rides to the TOP and even the 3rd cut short due to lack of Lava Mist & Snow. I pursued a Semi-Pro Cycling from 1988 – 1993 with the RottolePaller Squadra. One must move on and as a member of the Frogmen Tribe, I went to San Agonia to enter the Most Excellent World of Suffering Under, On and Near the Painific Ocean. I truly loved my time there. Being part of the Special Suferlandrian Forces was AMaSUFFERING! I was granted time outside of Sufferlandria with one of our Allies to exchange ideas on Suffering with the Penarians. Where I competed on a local team. One’s underwater suffering comes to an end and I retired. I found myself in a Couchlandrian town down on my luck. It was my Beautiful Sufferlandrian Wife from the Valley of Nine Hammers, Daughter of the Owner of “Fight Club”, who Slapped Me Hard in the Face and said,
“You Must SUFFER!!”

I found my way back to Sufferlandria!!!.. Oh, the Pure Joy of Knowing I could once again drink Real Pagne!!! My Quest launched in 2017. March 2, 2018, I SUFFERED ANGONIASSLY to Achieve my KoS. I live with my Famiglia by the Gulf of Angonia. The road riding is limited here with the long flat miles of the Pain Sucker breeding grounds. Sufferlandria is my lifeline to when we can move back to Mt. Sufferlandria.

This year’s ToS (2020) was Epic, my second, and I made it thru on the “Nuclear Option”. I followed the Post ToS Plan/Prep for 4DP Plan until a slight injury put things on hold. I recovered and followed the Volcano Plan and re-did the Post/Prep 4DP plan for my new 4DP. I got my new 4DP at the end of June and started my new Quest to finish all the ToS I missed (2013-2017). I finished 2013 in July and 2014 is on for August 2020.

As Jimmy Buffett sang, “I have found me a Home” … how true it is with this glorious Group of Sufferlandrians. Have you SUFFERED Today?..

(Frogmaniese for: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday)
Sir Shrek